Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dan Hardy - Twitter/Haters.

(Video Credit;  Dan Hardy for MiddleEasy.com TV, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.)
Posted: by T.FM. Staff. / Written: by T.F.M. Staff. May 1, 2012.

Mixed Martial Artist, UFC Welterweight, and The Fight Mafia's official favourite MMA fighter; Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy talks to middleeasy.com about his addiction to the social media site Twitter, his fans, and the entity we all love and refer to as "HATERS."  Something that we here at TFM find so interesting is the fact that Dan is wearing one of The Fight Mafia's original home-made tees from back during the time when this company was founded.  A very rare find and it seems that the shirt is holding up quite well considering its age and how it was made (not to mention the vigorous workouts it must have endured gracing "The Outlaw's" back).  We of course wish Dan our best in his upcoming fight versus Duane "Bang" Ludwig at UFC 146, May 26th, 2012 in Las Vegas, USA.  We predict a knockout victory in the beginning of the second round for England's top brash "Punk-Rock" son.  Be sure to watch Dan's fight on the UFC's official Facebook page live and FREE May 26th, 2012.  #OUTLAWARMY.