Monday, January 14, 2013

Soulja Boy - Hip Hop's worst enemy.

(Video Credit;  Soulja Boy - "Break the Bank," Location, N/A.)
Posted: by T.FM. Staff. / Written: by T.F.M. Staff. January 14, 2013.

Within the past few days self-proclaimed rapper Soulja Boy Tell'Em released a video from his upcoming mixtape in which we didn't research enough to know the title of, nor care.  Obviously everyone within the hip-hop community knows of Soulja Boy's criticisms, but after watching this last video, it is clear - Soulja Boy is on another level of being flat-out the worst thing to ever happen to hip-hop music.  Within 60 seconds of listening to this deplorable excuse for music we honestly asked ourselves, "Is this for real?"  "Is he serious with this?"  This appears to be Soulja Boy's best Chief Keef impersonation and we guess Soulja Boy too "Loves Sosa."  However, Sosa has truly got something, a certain X-factor that destines him for success.  Soulja Boy has remarkably duped the music industry into earning himself millions of dollars and much respect for that, it is wrong to hate on someone for getting his, but please Mr. Boy, leave rap alone.  It also appears some of his homies in this new video even have a hard time bump'n to his sh*t.  Notice a few entourage members standing around with facial expressions that suggest statements like, "I can't do this no more..."  I guess we can find solitude in knowing that one day Soulja will squander away his fortune and just be a distant memory of days when hip-hop producers were on top of they're game and most rappers were not...