Friday, August 30, 2013

"Holy Grail" - Jay Z feat. Timberlake

(Video Credit;  Jay Z - "Holy Grail," Location, N/A.)
Posted: by T.FM. Staff. / Written: by T.F.M. Staff. August 30, 2013.

Watch the official visual for "Holy Grail" by JAY Z featuring Justin Timberlake.  Directed by Anthony Mandler.  Obviously, we love anything with fight clips, peep this video and get a glimpse of when "Buster" Douglas knocked-out "Iron" Mike Tyson for the first time in the storied fighter's career.  Mike Tyson has been trying to get back up ever since...  However Jay Z and Timberlake have always stayed on a vast incline and with this video, they deliver another knock-out punch from "The Legends of the Summer" duo.  #ORGANIZEDGRIND