Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nina Sky - Nicole.

(Video Credit;  Nicole of Nina Sky, "5 cities in 4 minutes,"
Posted: by T.FM. Staff. / Written: by C. Ronsica. November 27, 2013.

We seen this video blog flash in our online feed today, we thought it was dope, check it out; "5 cities in 4 minutes" with Nicole of Nina Sky.  It depicts one-half of the talented sister-dual "Nina Sky," a musically gifted D.J. from Queens, New York, USA.  Both Nicole and her twin sister Natalie are incredibly "Fashion Forward," and ahead of their time musically.  We are big fans of Nina Sky, peep the video above and take a ride with one-half of "Your favorite twins!"  #ORGANIZEDGRIND

(Photo Credit;  Blog focus "Nina Sky" showing love for #ORGANIZEDGRIND, Twitter, Worldwide.)